Who We Are

GBLF was founded in 2017 by Tiffany Rashel, an educator, humanitarian and philanthropist who is passionate about transforming lives and communities by transforming minds. GLBF was founded with the idea that developing leadership qualities in the next generation is a catalyst for social and economic development in under-served communities in the African Diaspora.

GLBF is committed to re-establishing a culture of contribution and cultivating generations of changemakers through leadership development & education, environmental initiatives and intercultural exchanges.
Through our Flagship Initiative, Legacy Builders Leadership Academy, GLBF empowers women and youth to discover their personal gifts and talents, reconnect communities and create sustainable economies.

GLBF seeks to impact through strategic partnerships with religious, civic and social organizations within communities. We seek to impact our global community in 3 areas:

Leadership Development and Education via our Legacy Builiders Leadership Academy and collaborative educational programs designed to provide strategies, techniques and mentorship to develop strong leaders

Environmental Initiatives Sizamina – our Primary Agriculture Program is designed to revitalize agriculture awareness and knowledge in farming, agro-processing, stock farming, business and trade in order to create economic systems within these communities. Collaboration with the intent to create, cultivate and form awareness for our earth environment.

Intercultural Exchanges – We believe that the experiences that come from participating in sports, music and the arts expands minds and sparks innovation. Therefore, we offer lessons in leadership and conflict resolution through our signature sports program, On the Radar Sports. Our customized sports experience is designed to ensure not only an elevation in technical skills but to also instill team building, conflict resolution and leadership skills.

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming communities through education and youth leadership development. We help young leaders create and nurture systems of support within their own communities to promote sustainable transformation. Our work supports self-sufficiency in growing crops, educating the youth, providing for and creating security within their own communities.We connect individuals and organizations passionate about transformation, and we support the creation of community lead solutions and self-sustaining practices.