Intercultural Exchange

We at GLBF are champions of equity, inclusion, and diversity. In our efforts to continuously promote these values, we understand that sports, music and the arts are great equalizers in this effort. Sports share a universal language that encourages community and teamwork (peace) Our signature program – On the Radar Sports Camp infuses leadership training, conflict resolution, and teamwork to build strong leaders and create community interaction and camaraderie amongst youth and adults within the community.

On the Radar Sport Academy is one of the initiatives designed by Global Legacy Builders Foundation, also known as GLBF, in accordance with its philosophy and mission. “Global Legacy Builders Foundation believes that one of the richest resources in any community is its youth population.” Bafia is one the communities of Mbam-et-Inoubou in the department of Centre Province in Cameroon where the youth population is high. Through this initiative, GLBF will focus on unlocking and developing human potential in Bafia by investing in leadership development training, experiential and conflict resolution workshops, customized training sessions, and sport and educational infrastructure development and management. In line with GLBF philosophy and mission, “by partnering with community liaisons and organizations that already exist within the community… GLBF seeks to activate, empower, and inspire this resource to be able to take the lead in transforming their environment, thereby leading to a community that is self-sufficient and self-reliant.”

Our immediate goal is to organize basketball camps and select a group of young athlete scholars who have the potential to play at a very high level and to give them an opportunity to practice intensively, to familiarize themselves with the exigencies and sociocultural implications of playing and studying abroad, and to participate in workshops on community development and community building. This will require the involvement of local coaches, educators, and parents of the youth selected. Local coaches and educators will be in charge of selecting athlete scholars, boys and girls, between the ages of 12 and 16 years old. They will be expected to volunteer their time for the duration of the camp. Since we do not reside in the community Bafia, our purpose is to provide a rigorous training to local coaches and liaisons in the way that our presence is not required for the structure to function. For this reason, coaches, educators, and parents will be required to participate in workshops on training, leadership, and community building. Our long-term goal including creating an academy for athlete scholars, building sport and educational infrastructures, and creating a school.